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What are the requirements to rent a minibus?

According to the law, the renter of the vehicle must hold a valid ID (ID card or passport) and a regular car driver’s license. This rule also applies to eventual additional drivers. Also, proof of payment of the minibus rental and of the deposit must be displayed upon reception of the vehicle.

How can I pay for the rental vehicle?

Our company accepts online payments, payments in cash (Euros, USD or RON) and by credit/debit card during pick-up formalities. The deposit can be payed either in cash, or by credit card when you receive the vehicle.

How big is the deposit when renting a minibus?

The minimum value of the deposit, which you must pay when receiving the vehicle is 100 Euros. This sum rise depending on the vehicle you are renting.

Where can I drive the minibus?

The basic rental rate allows you to drive only in Romania. At an additional cost, you will be allowed to drive in other EU member states or non-EU states from the region.

What kind of insurance will the rental vehicle have?

The basic rental rate will include the third party liability insurance. We recommend you to opt for package with full insurance, at an additional cost of 20 Euros per day.

What daily driving distances are included in the price?

Our base price includes an unlimited number of driven kilometers.

How do I change or cancel my reservation?

Please contact us via mobile phone or email if you want to change or cancel your reservation. If you want to cancel your reservation within five days of the scheduled pick-up day, you will be charged 30% of the total reservation amount. Changing the reservation can be rendered, if feasible, at no additional cost.

What happens if an accident or problems with the rental vehicle have?

If you have an accident you should immediately contact the police (112) no matter if you are in Romania or not. Then you must contact us so that we can offer assistance. If you inquire tehnical problems with the vehicle, please contact us directly so that we can help.

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All our minibuses are spacious, comfortable and ready to hit the road.

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